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SURF Up Surf and Paddle School 

Surf up offers group and private surf lessons

Stand Up Paddle lessons, for all levels in cruising or in waves.

We also make rentals : surf, paddle,  paddle surf


1 group surf lesson 1h30 : 40€

3 group surf lessons 1h30 : 115€

5 group surf lessons 1h30 : 175€

10 group surf lessons 1h30 : 290€

10 group surf lessons 1h30 + 10 rentals 1H30 : 360€

20 group surf lessons 1h30 (-18) : 350 €


1 private surf lesson 1h30 x 1 pers. : 100€

1 private surf lesson 1h30 x 2 pers. : 150€

1 private surf lesson 1h30 x 3 pers.: 180€

1 private surf lesson 1h30 x 4 pers. : 220€ 

3 private surf lessons 1h30 x 1 pers. : 280 €

3 private surf lessons 1h30 x 2 pers. : 400 €

All equipment including surfboard suited to your abilities.

  • For beginners we use soft, stable surfboard which are easy to balance, paddle, stand & surf on

  • Lycra (tee-shirt)

  • Professional and friendly surf instruction

Why take a surf lesson at Surf Up ?

With Surf Up, this will allow you :

  • To obtain explanations about how the surf spot (the beginner surf zone currents, the presence of reef, rights of way and usability)

  • To have all the basics of surfing to take maximum pleasure on the water

  • Practice your surfing activity safely with a qualified instructor


  • Go 10/15 minutes prior to the surfing lessons at the School Surf Up

  • Filling the registration form and material recovery

  • A colored lycra will be provided

In the surf spot :

  • Hardware Overview : surfboard, leash, drifts

  • Enonciation safety rules in relation to environment and in relation to other users of the surf spot

  • Demonstration of a recovery on the beach: you must work your bases on the sand before launching

  • Proposed a pedagogical exercise adapted to the level of students

  • Launching with surfing instructor, always present at your side.

  • Practical exercises, embellished tips

  • Evaluation of the meeting

Group surf lessons are for a maximum of 4 to 8 people.

Group surf lesson packages are nominative and cannot be shared.

Payment for surf lessons must be made by credit card, cash or bank transfer.

Surf lessons booked and cancelled less than 24 hours before the start of the lesson must be paid for.





1H30 : 10€

3H : 15€

5H : 20€

All Day : 25€


1H30 : 15€

3H : 20€

5H : 25€

All Day : 30€


1H30 : 20€

2H : 25€

3H : 30€

4H-5H : 35€

All Day : 45€


1H30 - 35€/Person

The stand up paddle trips take place on Trinité. 

All our activities stand up paddle are provided by a qualified instructor and practiced in a secure framework.

Beginners are welcomed ! This activity is easy. It does not matter if you have never practiced stand up paddle. 

Conditions to participate in a ride : weigh less than 90 kg. 

For your safety, life jackets are provided.



  • Observe rays 

  • Observe turtles 

  • Sheltered bay (no waves, no wind)

  • Navigate over sandy bottoms and a beautiful coral reef

  • Take a drink in the translucent waters

  • Appreciate the beauty of the city of Trinité during the night


Place of appointment : Beach of  L'autre bord Bord

Min 6 people - Max 8 people

When? Tuesday to Sunday, weather permitting.

Stand up paddle cruising - Paddle Up

1H30 - 35€/ pers.

From 4 people

We starting from the beach l'Autre Bord - Trinité

Water is translucent and the varied landscape. The water is calm, very often sheltered from the wind.

A very nice place, perfect for initiations.

When ? Reservations and according to weather conditions.


1H30 - 35€/ pers.

From 4 people

Departure from the Beach of La Brèche in stand up paddle, explore the islet of Tartane, back along the village. The water is incredibly clear.

The landscape is beautiful. Arrived on the islet, you will enjoy a short break (beach, exploration, view of the coastline of the Caravelle, photos ..).

An exit in stand up paddle to make and remake.

When? Reservations, depending on weather conditions.


13H30 -17H


Schedules can change depending on the lessons and the weather

Call us before coming 


19, Rue du Surf


97 220 Trinité

Follow the road to chateau Dubuc

Surf up is on the beach after Anse l'Etang

Turn left at "the phare restaurant "


These conditions of sale are available to customers in the surf school, on the Internet and by mail when purchasing online.

1) Surf lessons and stand up paddle regulation :

By check, cash, paypal or bank transfer.

Payment is made prior to delivery surf lessons or stand up paddle cruising. 

2) Cancellation surf lessons and stand up paddle:

The course must be canceled by the customer at least 24 hours before the start of the service, if it is due.

The surf school can be prevented by any means (SMS, phone call, email, mail ....)

The course surf and stand up paddle and started voluntarily suspended by a student are due.

The monitor can suspend or postpone a course if weather conditions do not allow the execution of the service.

Only school instructors are empowered to decide whether a course should be canceled or not.

3) Conditions for course enrollment surfing and stand up paddle tours / Rental

Students must be able to swim at least 25 meters without buoyancy aid, not having medical cons-indications to the practice of surfing, bodyboarding, stand up paddle, yoga or fitness. The school must be informed of all against diseases or medical contraindications may put you in danger during the activity.

A minimum of 10 years for the stand up paddle activity.

A minimum of 7 years for surfing activity.

Have liability insurance or a license to the French Surfing Federation (contact us)

4) Conditions relating to reservation and payment online

If canceled less than 24 hours prior to delivery or stand up paddle surfing, the activity is not refundable. If canceled more than 24 hours before the start of the benefit or surfing stand up paddle, Surf UP reserves the right to retain 20% of the Regulation. The school will refund 80% of the amount paid promptly.

All online payment should be done only after the agreement of the school.

Procedure: Contact SURF UP by phone at 0696 77 73 60 or by mail to You will receive an email with a validation document stating the name of the person who reserved the name of the person who will conduct the activity, contact information, our contact details, schedule and day of delivery. Also a copy of the terms and conditions. You can validate your purchase: surf lessons here, or stand up paddle, or here for night walks here.

5) Surf school Responsibility

The surf school has insurance professional liability to the FNMNS. It does not cover in any case, the damage you cause to another person.

Make sure your liability insurance provides you as part of surf lessons, stand up paddle or rental price. Otherwise, you can take out insurance on the website : or from the French Surfing Federation.

Parents must pick up their children within 10 min after the end of the course. In addition, children are no longer the responsibility of the school.

For adults, the responsibility of the surf school begins in the recovery of materials to delivery of the equipment in the rack.

All school monitors has insurance professional liability.

All entries are subject to signing a registration form or a lease.

6) School packages Validity SURF UP

Packages 3 and 5 surfing lessons are valid for 3 months; The package 10 surf lessons is valid for 6 months. The package 20 surf lessons is valid for 1 year. The package 10 + 10 courses surf surfing vacation is valid for 1 year.

7) Location of Stand up paddle

It is forbidden to exceed the 300 meters of area with our stand up paddle. Those are not equipped for navigation to more than 300 meters from shore. The school declines all responsibility for accidents linked to overrun the area.

A buoyancy aid vest is provided, it must necessarily be worn. In case of refusal, the school assumes no responsibility.

Any rental involves signing a lease.

8) Payment of property damage by the client

In the rental part:

To avoid breakage, Surf Up tells you with a map where you put water on the spot of the beach of surfers (the passes, reefs, surfing areas, rocks ... .)

It also tells you where the different areas are located: beginner, intermediate, confirmed.

In case of breakage, you have assumed the equipment repair costs.

As part of the surfboard rentals, stand up paddle or body boarding:

  • Simple Drifts broken or lost: 20 euros per drift broken and / or missing

  • Drifts lost or broken power: 50 euros

  • Squat: 20 euros

  • Small break (less than 4cm) between 15 euros and 30 euros

  • Break greater than 4 cm: between 30 euros and 60 euros

  • Break the nose: between 30 euros and 60 euros

  • Break the tail: between 30 euros and 60 euros

  • Plug torn: between 80 euros and 120 euros

  • Folded board: From 150 euros; up to 300 euros depending on the value of the board

  • Plate broken in two: 300 euros

  • Leash lost: 25 euros

  • Lost Fins: 50 euros

  • Lost or stolen Board: Between 70 and 600 euros depending on the rented board (surf, bodyboard, paddle): You will pay the new value of the board because we not only purchase the equipment, but also bear the cost of delivery from mainland France .

  • Paddle of stand up paddle lost: 60 euros

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